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Dorse and goody bear!

Surrealist Pictures Ever…….(Surreal Assignment)

My idea at first was completely different then how it turned out because at first i was going to make Charles and Tito into trees with faces but that didn’t work out when my files were lost so i came up with the first three pictures in the gallery.

My biggest problem was getting a precise edge on the picture frame and finding a texture i really liked.

The importance of using masks is very significant in attempting these types of photographs and a very useful tool while editing.

Something I would say to someone who is just starting this project is try something you thing looks cool and when you have all the pictures USE THE MASK!

My favorite part of any project is the editing part, I think its just relaxing and fun to edit pictures.

Assignment 5

Reflection: I learned more about finding the best angles and how to change lighting and more tools in photoshop helped a lot to. I used a skill we used by in assignment 1 bib walking around and looking at things differently and coming back with more than one picture always helps. I thing my biggest challenge was trying to get everything in order in photoshop as far as editing and blurring pictures goes. I spent a lot of time on both but i think i spent more time in photoshop than taking the actual picture.

AI: 20/20 I turned in an extra picture

QT:16/20 I could have edited “chill in” more

CD:16/20 not all my pictures have more than 2 comp. guidelines

CC: 16/20 My pictures don’t really have a style


1.) It can always give you great shadows or exposer to different lighting that you wouldn’t get            form a regular vantage point .

2.) I feel that the colorfully edited picture was the most successful concept wise of capturing the looking up from the ground like a worm.

3.) Not having to get on the ground for a picture you want for worms eye view.