Assignment 5

Reflection: I learned more about finding the best angles and how to change lighting and more tools in photoshop helped a lot to. I used a skill we used by in assignment 1 bib walking around and looking at things differently and coming back with more than one picture always helps. I thing my biggest challenge was trying to get everything in order in photoshop as far as editing and blurring pictures goes. I spent a lot of time on both but i think i spent more time in photoshop than taking the actual picture.

AI: 20/20 I turned in an extra picture

QT:16/20 I could have edited “chill in” more

CD:16/20 not all my pictures have more than 2 comp. guidelines

CC: 16/20 My pictures don’t really have a style



1.) It can always give you great shadows or exposer to different lighting that you wouldn’t get            form a regular vantage point .

2.) I feel that the colorfully edited picture was the most successful concept wise of capturing the looking up from the ground like a worm.

3.) Not having to get on the ground for a picture you want for worms eye view.